Commonly-Asked Questions About Making a Sword in the UK

We love what we do at Molten Bronze – it’s incredibly interesting work, and we often get asked plenty of questions about it by the public! If you’re interested in making a sword, or in attending one of our bronze casting workshops, you might have a few questions of your own, so read on below or send us an email at dave@bronzeagefoundry.com. He’ll get back to you as soon as he can with the information you need!

Is It Legal to Make a Sword in the UK?

It is! Although swords are weapons, and are classed as such, it’s perfectly legal to make and own one. The swords we make in our sword-making workshops at Molten Bronze are reconstructions of a historical piece, and works of art in their own right – so you’re well within your rights to make one and keep it in your home.

If you are coming from outside the UK, check your local laws to make sure you’re able to own a sword like the ones we make here – you don’t want to go to all the trouble of making such a beautiful piece just to lose it at the border!

Is It Difficult to Make a Sword?

In ancient times, a bronze sword like the one you’ll make at Molten Bronze would have taken a master craftsman weeks or months of work, as he mixed the alloy to the right levels, made the moulds and then laboriously shaped and finished the piece by hand. Luckily, we aren’t bound to all the same limitations that those ancient masters were, so we can speed things up a little! We try to make sure that everyone gets their sword finished in two days of work, which, while it can be full-on, is an incredibly satisfying and realistic goal.

At the end of two days, your sword should be finished, and you’ll be able to take home a little bit of history.

Is it difficult? Not with Dave to teach you!

Are There Any UK Sword Making Courses I Can Attend?

As it happens, there are! The one that we most highly recommend is our own, of course – at Molten Bronze you can enjoy a weekend in the heart of the spectacular Welsh countryside, with bed and board taken care of, while you forge your swords.

Based in central Wales, you can reach us from anywhere in the UK, so wherever you’re from, you can enjoy our courses. We’ve had course attendees from all over the world, and we’re always happy to welcome new people to our foundry. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, great home-cooked food and cosy lodgings while you make your swords in the style of the UK’s ancient craftsmen.

What Sort of Sword Can I Make?

At Molten Bronze, the swords we make are replicas of a Bronze-Age Irish Chieftain’s sword, which was recovered from a bog in Dublin, where it had been broken and sacrificed to the gods thousands of years before.

Our traditional soapstone casting dies are made with that sword as the template, so that’s the type you could make if you came to our course – a leaf-shaped Celtic blade that was extremely popular all over Europe during the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age.

This shape was very effective as a weapon, as it was ideal for both thrusting and slicing attacks, and the shape gave it incredible strength and efficacy. It’s all finished off with an oak handle, held in place by copper pins, for a completely authentic and comfortable final piece.

How Much Does Sword Making Cost?

Like everything, making a sword can be done in plenty of different ways. Some courses cost thousands of pounds, and others are more affordable to ordinary people. At Molten Bronze, your sword-making course costs £275 per person in total, and includes accommodation and food for the weekend. Materials are all included, and at the end of the weekend, you leave with a beautiful sword that you made with your own hands. We think that’s a bargain.

Got Any More Questions About Sword-Making? Contact Molten Bronze Today!

If you’ve got any questions that we haven’t answered here, or if you’d like to make a booking, you can get in touch with Molten Bronze at any time by sending Dave an email on dave@bronzeagefoundry.com. He’ll always reply as soon as possible, and he can answer any and all questions you might have!

So what are you waiting for? You could make your very own sword and enjoy a great weekend in the beautiful Welsh countryside while you’re at it, going home with something straight from the depths of our most ancient history. Drop Dave a message today to book your own sword-making course!