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Bronze Age Tools, Weapons & Casting Workshops

Molten Bronze is dedicated to reproducing tools, weapons and artefacts from the Bronze Age. We run workshops which give you the opportunity to cast and finish your own Bronze Age sword or artefact.

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Molten Bronze

For over 20 years, Molten Bronze has been casting bronze and hosting workshops. Since 1995 they have been involved in various film, TV and radio productions such as the Time Team and R4 documentaries.

Hundreds of people have joined bronze founder, sculptor and artist Dave W Chapman at his workshops, taking home their very own finished Bronze Age pieces.

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“I can’t recommend this experience highly enough. Dave is an incredibly knowledgeable and patient teacher and utterly passionate about the ancient world. Even when we weren’t making swords, he’s a great person to talk to.”
Philip Boyes
Sword Casting Workshop
“If you’re working on the Bronze Age and interested in technology, weapons, warfare or craft-production then this course is essential. You’ll learn more about bronze, its manufacture and properties in a day and a half than from a lifetime of books.”
Workshop Attendee
Sword Casting Workshop

Watch the video below to see how our swords are cast.

Sword smithing workshop
Contact Dave for more information and bookings.