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22" in length, this piece is cast in stone molds and is supplied unfinished and unsharpened as in the top picture. Details of how to make and fit the handle are supplied with each sword. The lower picture shows a finished, hilted sword. We now run a Sword Casting Workshop where you can go home with a finished hilted sword. For details on the workshop, click here.
Leaf Shaped Sword
Now available to order, handmade leather scabbard for the leaf shaped sword. Delivery can be up to 6 weeks.
Scabbard for Bronze Age Sword
2 1/2" long, this is a bronze reproduction of the Venus of L'Espuge. The original is a 12,000 year old mamouth ivory carving. Just as effective a talisman as ever!
Fertility Goddess
6" long, such sickles were in use across NW Europe during the BA. These sickle blades are cast in stone moulds, and are supplied unsharpened and unpolished.
7" long and typical of the more developed form of Early BA axes, this example is cast in a stone mould. It is supplied unpolished and unsharpened, and is hafted by being inserted into a hole cut through the haft. The haft can then be bound with rawhide to prevent splitting in use. Based on the Arreton Down finds.
Flanged Axe
7" long, this axe is typical of the Middle Bronze Age, this piece is cast in bronze moulds and is supplied unhafted and unsharpened. The haft needs to be a more or less L shaped piece of hardwood i.e. a branch or trunk with branch, with a V shaped notch cut to fit the palstave. It can then be bound with rawhide using the loop on the side of the palstave.
Palstave Axe
3 3/8" long, this late Bronze Age Socketed Axe is made using the lost wax casting process and is based on an original found at Flag Fen, Cambs. It is supplied as seen opposite unhafted and unsharpened.
Socketed Axe
8 1/2" in length, this spearhead is based on one of the Arreton Down spears, and is Early Bronze Age in design. It is supplied unpolished and unsharpened with the rivet hole drilled. Hafting involves cutting a notch in a shaft of wood such as Ash, riveting and then binding with rawhide. These spearheads are cast in stone moulds.
Tanged Spear Head
9" in length, based on a dirk or dagger from the Arreton Down Horde, this piece is cast in stone moulds and supplied unpolished and unsharpened. The rivet holes are drilled and details of the handle design and fitting are supplied. As with sword, basic hilting instructions supplied.
Dirk Blade
4 3/4" in length, based on an original in the Pitt Rivers Collection. Shown here as supplied
Bronze Age Dagger
Overall length 6". Can be handled with antler tyne or hardwood.
Bronze Age Eating Knife
Approx 11" in length, this piece is based on Siberian Bronze Age Tagar culture Shamanic Knives. Hilt and blade cast as one.
Siberian Shaman Knife